Kotug has added two new hybrid Rotortugs to its fleet, the RT Evolution and RT Emotion, which have now managed to win the KVNR Shipping Award.

Thanks to their special hull shape, the tugs have both excellent stability when assisting ships and as little resistance as possible when sailing without a tow. The result is a 27 per cent fuel reduction. The tugs are the first two in the ART80-32 series, in which the "A" represents Advanced.

Hybrid Propulsion

The hybrid propulsion installation allows for diesel-direct, diesel-electric and fully electric propulsion. Due to this hybrid installation, the main engines do not run as many hours as normal tugs, which means they do not have to be overhauled as often thereby reducing maintenance costs.

New Design

Although not the first tugs to have this kind of propulsion (in 2012 Kotug converted an existing tug into a hybrid tug, the RT Adriaan), the new ships are special due to their design. An important part of this is the new hull shape. Sharper lines allow the vessel to cut through the water more smoothly. The maximum speed is 13.9 knots.

Sponsoons on both sides of the hull increase the vessels' stability. The Alphatron bridge console allows for improved ergonomics when manoeuvring. The view from the wheelhouse has been improved by among others placing the chimneys in a row. The new design also has a winch both forward and aft on deck, clearing the decks. In addition, the ships re-use heat from the engines.

Other Nominees

Anthony Veder was nominated for its retrofit of the Coral Anthelia. It is the first ship owner to convert an existing diesel engine to a dual-fuel engine thereby dramatically reducing emissions (-90% NOX and -20% CO2). The LNG tanker uses boil-off from its LNG tanker. The conversion took six weeks.

Wind BV has specialised in retreiving old cables at sea. Right now, 80,000 kilometres of cables are ready to be removed from the ocean floor. To remove cables, Wind uses the ship Lida, a converted 1500 ton cargo ship. The ship's bow was adjusted to lower a drag that can remove the cables. The ship has four cable tanks in which, depending on the size of the cable, between 900 and 1500 kilomtres of cable can be stored. The company plans to expand its fleet to five vessels within the next five years.

Initially, Flinter was also nominated for this award, but this company withdrew at the last minute.

Maritime Awards Gala

The award was presented at tonight's (2 November) Maritime Awards Gala with 850 maritime professionals present. It was the tenth edition of the Gala.