The Bodewes Group is the new owner of the facilities of Peters Shipyards in Kampen, the Netherlands.

After a year of negotiating, the deal was finally closed. In April, Bodewes acquired the yard's inventory and intellectual property. Despite the constructive attitude of the curator and the bank involved, a complete takeover was not possible at that time.

New Builds

The yard will continue its new build activities, which will include the well-known Peters ships and innovative designs such as the Greenstream tankers that sail on LNG. Several former Peters employees are already working for the Bodewes Group, including Pier Meinderts who will resume his position as Technical Director. The yard's first contract is a conversion of an inland tanker for a South-American client.   

During the first six months, the yard in Kampen will focus on small new builds so that the hull currently under construction can first be completed. The yard has facilities to build ships of up to 135 metres long and 17.8 metres wide.

The Bodewes Group now has yards in Harlingen, Hasselt, Meppel and Kampen. To avoid fragmentation, the Kampen yard will in future also be used for ship repair.