(With extra pictures) The international exhibition "Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition" tells the world-famous story of the “unsinkable” luxury liner and its 2,228 passengers.

What started out as a fairy tale voyage, ended in the most dramatic shipwreck in history. Now, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition allows you to relive the legend of the Titanic in Amsterdam EXPO.

The authentic artifacts dredged up from the wreck offer a glimpse into life on board and a testament to the splendor of a by-gone era. The RMS Titanic was unrivaled in its standards of luxury and engineering. It carried some of the most prominent members of the American and European elite, and was billed as the “largest ship in the world”.

It is your last chance to visit this exhibition and facing the real objects of the shipwreck in the Netherlands. Until May 11 you can visit Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition in Amsterdam EXPO.

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