Advertorial – Building on 25 years of history and in-depth knowledge of sensor technology, Sensor Maritime, as a successful spin-off of Sensor Invest, is already an established name in the maritime market.

Real time bridge height detection through Bridgescout

In 2017, Sensor Maritime introduced Bridgescout, developed to reduce not only the number of collisions, but also the risk of collisions. Bridgescout has since become a recognised bridge height detection system on inland waterways, deployed by shipping companies to increase safety on board tankers, container ships, dry cargo vessels and passenger ships throughout Europe.

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Dockscout – Real time distances around the ship

We are currently developing the Atlas product, a plug-and-play LiDAR solution, which can be used for various applications. Atlas consists of the Atlas sensor and the Atlas platform.

Atlas sensor is a LiDAR sensor that scans in a vertical plane, perpendicular to the vessel. Combined with the vessel’s propulsion and GPS, it determines where the measured points are located and forms an image of the environment. All data is collected on the online, so-called Atlas platform. This data of the surroundings can be used, among other things, for new functional applications for the captain. Soon the product launch of the first application of Dockscout will take place.

Damage regularly occurs when docking. Usually, this damage occurs to quays, locks or to the ship itself due to misjudging the speed and dimensions of the ship. With automatic quayside detection using Dockscout, this can be prevented.

Dockscout measures in real time the distance of the ship from a quay or lock wall. For these applications, an Atlas sensor is placed at the front and back of the ship. That way, when entering the lock, the skipper immediately has a full picture of the sides of the ship. And if the skipper manoeuvres sideways, the distance to the quay is immediately visible, both fore and aft. A panel in the wheelhouse reads the distances along the ship. No need for a sailor at the front of the ship to roughly estimate the distance, but a sensor that measures the distance to the centimetre.

But Sensor Maritime wants to do more with these data. It can be used in areas such as autonomous sailing, online route planners, current water levels and bridge heights and quay, bridge and lock inspections.

Sensor Maritime: ‘We want to work on a combination, that is, on a sensor that benefits the captain, while we collect more data that other parties can also benefit from. A multifunctional solution.’

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